About This Site

CongressOverTime is a nopartisan website attempting to provide new and interesting presentations of publicly available Congressional data. There are other websites that provide Congressional data in new and exciting ways (NYTimes.com, Govtrack.us), but their focus seems mostly on current data. For that reason, CongressOverTime is focused on historical data, specifically the last decade or so. The reason for this is simple: the electronic data is available and growing and the tools to build these interesting views are becoming more and more capable.

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Acknowledgments and Thanks!!

This site has been built with open source software tools and public data as listed below:
  • Rollcall data from the Senate and the House
  • Google Chart API
  • Sorttab by Stuart Langridge
  • WikiMedia Icons
  • Walter Zorn tooltips

  • Permission to use the image of his US Capitol replica kindly provided by Gary Casteel, Civil War sculptor. Thanks Gary.

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